Videos and star stories

Examples of solutions in Star Stories and videos

The virtuel exhibition acts as inspiration with Star Stories and upcoming videos.

The star in the story rates a detailed Good & Climate action that the world can benefit from if more companies, cities or people did the same.

With Star Stories and WhogreenTV at YouTube professionals and the public can look closer at practical examples.

It works to encourage the the world to upgrade sustainability when it’s possible. The star stories help to spread examples of sustainability that can act as inspiration to act and compete.

Star stories and their sustainability category.


View practical examples of how to go green

Good & Climate Cause categories

Star decorated causes can be found under the sustainable star categories.

Good & Climate Cause examples

We picked out the best stars and show you the cause behind. All can be found at whogreenstars.com.

Go by your favorite color and find exhibited star stories.

WhogreenTV at YouTube.

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